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Specializing in Foodservice, School Foodservice, and Alternative Business Channels since 1974!


Founded in 1974 upon the belief that there was a unique opportunity in the New York Food Service market, Advantage Marketing became New York's first 100% Food Service Broker. In continuous pursuit of effective sales and marketing for the foodservice arena, we pride ourselves on the superior ratio of people to lines of product, the best of any broker sales agency in New York.

Advantage earns its reputation for assertive, professional and efficient representation. Advantage serves the market by developing relationships with the operator and by working the local distributor to find solutions to their everyday needs. Advantage has been and will continue to be the driving force in the development and management of Food Service Branded Product Sales.

Our strategy is simple: "Sell the Food Service Operator through the Food Service Distributor," always keeping our Principle's pre-set goals a priority. From our customer service specialists to our inside and outside sales account executives, every Advantage employee is part of the team. Each representative understands his or her position, keeping business simple and goal oriented with a constant focus on the operator level.

44 Year History
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Advantage’s primary goal is to provide the highest level of professional representation to our valued clients which in turn will deliver the highest achievable profit, goals, and sales for our principals.

Advantage will provide the foremost level of customer service with a strong commitment to documented results. A positive attitude and commitment to utilizing technological tools help deliver superior results.


Advantage’s commitment to our industry is that everyone is a “Top Priority”. A never-wavering commitment and positive attitude throughout the organization will allow us to achieve our mutual goals.

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Featuring some of our associations in the Metro New York Market, for a complete list contact us today!

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